Business Bandwidth is an important term that can often be used to study the demand for Internet bandwidth for Chinese enterprises, usually based on the need to transmit large amounts of information data.

Although the term was previously 商業寬頻邊間好 used to refer to telephone bandwidth, it has evolved outside of the telecommunications services industry in association with data analysis bandwidth accessed and used by Internet users.

In this usage, bandwidth essentially refers to the amount of data uploaded or downloaded from a particular economic source through the use of network technology connections.

Commercial bandwidth indicates that, with the exception of high-bandwidth multimedia teaching applications, there is typically a need for more data streams from students compared to market-based consumer demand for the Internet.

This most recent use of "business bandwidth" is a measure of how data is transmitted over a network (usually the Internet). "Bandwidth" refers to the rate at which data is transmitted, also known as the "bit rate", and is usually measured based on the maximum possible size of the data transmitted along the network per second.

Early systems would measure bandwidth in kilobits per second (kbit/s), while early 21st century networks typically measure bandwidth in megabits per second (Mbit/s). While some people may require higher bandwidth, especially when streaming audio and video online or playing online games, this amount of bandwidth is usually sufficient for most home consumers.

Business bandwidth is usually faster than what traditional or consumer bandwidth can provide. This type of bandwidth can be delivered at 100 megabits per second, and subscriber bandwidth typically provides half the data transfer speed of this type of network.

Some companies can even offer commercial bandwidth at gigabits per second (gb/s), although this can be expensive and may require special hardware to transmit the data. This type of bandwidth is usually not limited to business users.

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