Artificial intelligence and 5G are not an empty talking point, they are slowly becoming a reality. In Qualcomm's latest Xiaolong 845 mobile platform, there are already many features vpn 防毒 related to artificial intelligence computing.

Qualcomm believes that AI will not only be located in the cloud, but that AI computing will move from the cloud to the endpoint, and that it will be especially important for the phone chip itself to ai 智能訊息對答 have neural computing capabilities in AI computing. In fact, local AI computing will also be more beneficial to the protection of private data.

In the 5G era, the development of your device will become more and more knowledgeable about you!

During the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Qualcomm President Christiano Amon made the following point at the "Mobile Innovation: How 5g Will Change the Future" BBS: "5g will ensure that every connection will be wireless.

It will completely change our existing connectivity, now not only for mobile use scenarios, but for almost every aspect of life."

What 5G is really changing is the way our lives are bundled with all kinds of wires. With 5G technology, information transmission no longer needs to be connected via wired lines, and devices are more 5g 速度 closely connected to each other.

With the help of high-speed networks and artificial intelligence, the devices around you also understand you better. 25, Qualcomm Technology and Cooperation Summit will be held, 5G networks, radio frequency, artificial intelligence and other topics will be discussed in depth again.

As a result, 5G will create a traction fusion response that will not only challenge the industry, but will also change the world again.

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